The 20 Best Baptism Gifts in 2023

Baptism Gifts? Baptism is a significant and memorable moment in a parent’s life (and the baby’s). Whether you’re the parent, godparent, grandparent, another relative, or close friend, purchasing a baptism gift for the little one is a thoughtful idea and sentiment.

Some say that is best to give a baptism gift and some money to the baby. Indeed, in most of America, in my experience, it is customary for friends and close relatives to give children money when they are baptized. Godparents and grandparents may give $100 – $200 while $20-50 is expected from other close relatives. With regard to physical baptism gifts, a value of around $20-200 is appropriate.

What is Baptism?

At long last, here is our list of the best baptism gifts, both customizable and generic that will help celebrate the occasion (with descriptions below the table).

Personalized Star Constellation Map

This personalized star map poster is a great gift to remember the special day of baptism. It uses astronomy software to chart the view of the night sky on the date and at the location of the baptism or the birth or any other date.

Use a marker and have guests, family, and friends write well wishes or prayers for the baby. It could also be used as a guest book for a baptism party. Hang it in the nursery as a decoration.

You are able to customize it with the details of the special day. These details can include a title, date, location, name, and time. You also can choose the background colour, and the company will allow you to make special requests if you think of something else you might want on it, like scripture or a poem. This is one of those unique baptism gifts that no other child or person will have as it is completely customizable to the baptism of the baby.

God Loves Me Personalized Book

If you are looking for a thoughtful, heartwarming, unique, and meaningful gift, look no farther than this book. Parents will be filled with joy and delight as their child receives this book. It tells the story of God’s unconditional love and protection.

Rhyming poetry helps celebrate and emphasize God’s love for the child. The personalization includes the child’s name and gender. There is a dedication page that can be customized with the year and the gift-giver. The child’s name is intertwined throughout the story to make the story more personable.

It is a high quality, 20 page, hardcover book that has bright illustrations with good paper quality. The feel and look of this book is beautiful and unique.

As an infant, this book can be read to the child. As they grow older, they can learn to read using this book. This is a very thoughtful gift the child can enjoy from baptism into childhood.

I See Me! Offers a 100% money-back guarantee which gives security in the purchase of this book.

It is customary to purchase a baptism gift for the baby to give to the parent because this is such an important date.

It’s so important for a parent to read to their child. Therefore, a book will always make the ideal gift.

To tie the book in with the baptism theme, pick the one that will let the child know how much he or she is loved. Or, you can choose one with a religious message that makes the baby aware that they are God’s child.

Scripture Swaddle Blanket

Made of 100% cotton, this swaddle blanket is practical, breathable and lightweight. The white muslin (a cotton fabric of plain weave) is formed in a tapestry pattern and is perfect for a newborn baby.

This is a staple of baptism gifts because we know it will be used a lot — parents need a lot of swaddles.

A thoughtful, beautiful, and practical baptism gift, this blanket has a portion of the Bible verse Psalm 139. The Child of God quote is beautifully written in black lettering. This blanket is also available in 3 other designs that are not scriptures if that is what you prefer. One of those designs is a God-Child design perfect for the godparents to give. It has a black and white color scheme that enhances the vision and stimulates brain development.

Measuring at 47″ by 47″, the large blanket is suitable for swaddling. It can also be used as a playmat, stroller cover or a tapestry to hang in the baby’s nursery. Convenient for every mother, this blanket is machine washable and gets softer with each wash. It is gentle on the skin and unisex.

This practical gift can be used for the early years, and each time it is used will be a remembrance of the baby’s baptism and the gift-giver.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are toys that little children love snuggling with. There are several animals that are associated with Christianity and getting them one of these as a stuffed animal will be perfect for the occasion.

Lambs, for example, were adopted as a symbol of Christ. A lion was used as symbol of one of the four evangelists and it was also associated with St. Jerome.

Either of these animals will make great toys for the child.

Little Golden Children’s Bible

A Bible is a perfect gift for a baptism. This particular Bible has simple retellings written in simple English. Containing the best known Bible stories and bright illustrations, the Little Golden Children’s Bible is an ideal way to share the Good Word. Reading the Bible is a warm and enriching experience for parents and very young children. Instil the love of reading and the love of the Bible at a young age. The squishy cover, thick, rounded pages make this book safe for a toddler to handle. Even when the child begins to teeth and chew, this book is even safe for that. The child can turn the pages without ripping the pages. It is also a great resource to keep a child during church.

Similar to the God Loves [Name] book, this book can be used to teach the child to read with encouraging stories and stimulate with bright illustrations. Reading to a child is important, even before they can focus on the page of a book. The gift of this Little Golden Children’s Bible makes a practical and thoughtful baptism gift that can be read to the child.

The Bible may be heavy reading for a child, but no age is too young to start introducing them to religion.

Fortunately, many publishers have come out with simplified editions of the Bible that make perfect baptism presents. Not only are these books a great intro to religion, they give parents a chance to bond with their children through reading.

Everyone knows a baby bible is one of the best baptism gifts, so what are you waiting for, order one!

Personalized Baptism Gift Plaque

Made in the USA, this gift plaque commemorating a birth or baptism is gorgeous and thoughtful. It is a gift that would be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

This baptism plaque is made by Broad Bay in Virginia. Measuring 8.5″ x 11″, the gift plaque is made from solid maple with no veneer. Decorated with a cross and doves, the plaque says “God Bless This Child.” Broad Bay customizes each piece with the child’s date and name. This plaque does not look cheap and can be given to a boy or girl.

The beauty of the wood shines through the font and symbols on the maple. It looks great hanging over a bed or crib, sitting on a mantel or any other wall in the house. The recipient of this plaque will know the love from the giver. It is a loving remembrance of baptism. 

Hand and Footprint Imprint Frame

Both parents and child will love a framed picture of the baby’s hand or footprint stamped on to clay. To make it more suited to the occasion, add the child’s name and the date of the baptism with stickers.

This is definitely one of the best baptism gifts because it will be cherished forever. You can just picture the gift-receiver looking back at his or her footprints fondly in about 50 years, having tucked it away in some old trunk in the attic all that time.

Noah’s Ark Piggy Bank

Such a beautiful design, this piggy bank is designed in the shape of Noah’s Ark.

There are nine pairs of animals gorgeously depicted with intricate details on the bank with four pairs on one side and five pairs on the other. The waves at the bottom of the ark make the piece look as if it is travelling through the floodwaters. The slanted roof features a coin slot at the top. The roof also holds a place for the bank to be engraved.

You can choose from 20 different fonts to have the name and date engraved. This extra personalization makes this piggy bank a thoughtful and personable baptism gift.

Made from brushed pewter, it has a non-tarnish finish and is very durable. Just looking at it, you can tell it is made from high-quality material.

Measuring at 3.75″ H x 2″ W x 4.75″ L, it sets on the table easily.

What we love most about the idea of gifting a piggy bank is the possibility to teach money-saving tips and tricks as the child grows up. When the child receives birthday money, Christmas money, or even baptism money, the parent can begin saving and later teach the child to save. The giving of this piggy bank is a gift that will be utilized long after the baby grows up. This is a gift that is practical and cherishable.

What a fantastic, unique idea for a baptism gift!

Mightier than the Waves Snow Globe

No gift list would be complete without a Precious Moments gift. Precious Moments has been creating gifts for every special occasion in one’s life for more than four decades.

Baptisms are a special occasion in which Precious Moments have several gifts.

This particular Precious Moments gift is a musical snow globe. This snow globe belongs in the “I Whale Always Love You” Precious Moments Collection.

Measuring at 5.75″ high, this beautiful hand-painted snow globe is made from cold cast resin and glass.

It depicts a cute whale and has the inscription “Mightier than the waves…is His love for you.” It is an adorable reminder of God’s love for you.

This baptism snow globe presents an underwater enchantment and a message of endless heavenly love. When the music box is wound, it will lull the baby to sleep with Brahms Lullaby.

Although this gift could be given to a girl, it has more of a boy look as it is pastel blue. Whether you give it to a boy or girl, the recipient of this snow globe will find peace as the snow falls and the lullaby plays on. Surely everyone can agree that this is on the coolest baptism gifts around!

Baby Bracelet

It is not unusual for babies to get a bracelet in the first year of life. These are usually made of some sort of precious metal. The baby can wear the bracelet on special occasions. Although they will eventually grow out of the bracelet, it makes a great memento and it is something they can pass down to their children.

A bracelet makes a great baptism gift. Purchase the affordable one below or go to a local jewellery store and buy a white gold one and engrave it with the baby’s name and the date of the baptism to make it the perfect souvenir.

Serenity Lamb with Crib Cross

There is a very ancient practice of hanging religious artifacts above a baby’s bed for protection and peace. In the Christian religion, this artifact is often a cross. Since the cross hangs on or around the crib, it is often referred to as a crib cross.

This serenity lamb comes with a crib cross that can hang over the baby’s bed on the wall for protection and peace. The crib cross is 4″ of beauty that has the inscription “Jesus Loves Me.” Not only can the cross be hung over the baby’s bed, but it could be hung in or on the crib as well. The lamb is super soft and has a silver embroidered cross on the foot. It is perfect for the little fingers of a baby or toddler to hug and hold.

This lamb is available in blue and pink designed for boys and/or girls. This baptism gift includes a poem titled “Bless This Child.” The poem, as well as a gift tag, are attached to the lamb’s ear tag. This Serenity Lamb is a perfect gift given for baptism from a family member or friend. 

Baptism Onesie

A onesie is always a useful baby gift. Babies go through onesies quickly so it’s a good idea to have a few on hand. That’s why a onesie will always make a great gift.

If you are the baby’s godmother, giving the baby one with a message that says something like ‘Cool like my godmother’ or ‘#BLESSED’ will be a terrific way to remind the parents of the occasion…and the gift giver.

Always an Angel Medallion

Another religious artifact that is commonly hung by cribs is an angel. This is a guardian angel that will protect and give peace to the baby.

The Always an Angel Medallion is 4″ x 2.25″. It could be a medallion or also a Christmas ornament. It can be displayed all year round as it is not overly Christmas related. Whichever way it is used, it is a gift that will be cherished and a reminder of the baptism of the baby. The angel can be hung by the satin ribbon that comes with it.

The medallion’s satin ribbon comes in white, pink, and blue.

Made from pewter, this ornament has a non-tarnish coating making it last for years.

It comes with a gift box that features words of love from the giver of the angel.

Whether you want an angel guarding over the baby or an ornament brought out once a year, this gift will be admired and appreciated for years.

Cuddly Bath Wrap

After a baby gets out of their bath, they love to be swaddled in a nice warm blanket. It reminds them of how cared for and protected they are.

You can get bath wraps embroidered with the baby’s name and baptism date or you can get a wrap that resembles an animal like a lamb, lion, or even a silly unicorn. This is a useful and meaningful gift both the parents and child will appreciate.

First Cross

A baptism initiates a child into the Christian religion, so it makes sense that a cross would be the ideal gift.

The cross can be something the baby can take out and pray to when they get older. In this case, it may come with a keepsake box where it can be stored.

You can also buy a cross that can be hung on the wall of a nursery or a cross pendant that parents can hang on a chain for the baby to wear when they are old enough.

No matter what type of cross you choose, it is sure to be something the baby will treasure throughout his or her life.

A first cross is a great example of one of the top baptism gifts because it is probably the most religiously significant of all the different gifts.

Baby’s Baptism Picture Frame

A picture frame is another gift parents always need. They are great for displaying pictures of their children as they grow.

Your picture frame will be even more meaningful if you add a picture of the baby with a special message engraved that is significant of the occasion. Adding wording like ‘May the Lord Bless You Today’ and a cross is appropriate.

Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is great for holding all those little items that mean so much to a parent. A lock of the baby’s hair, a first tooth to fall out and even a tiny sock can be kept in the box and taken out during walks down memory lane.

You can be a part of these special times by giving the baby a keepsake box they will truly adore.

A keepsake box can have simple design with masculine, feminine or unisex features. To make yours special, have the child’s name added to the top. The bottom of the box can also have a meaningful message that is commemorative of the baptism event.

Baptism Christmas Ornament

No matter what time of year a baby was baptized, Christmas will be the perfect time to remember this special occasion. That’s why a Christmas ornament makes the perfect gift.

Choose an ornament with some sort of Christmas-y theme like a wreath decoration. Have the child’s name and baptism date written in the center of the ornament to make the holidays even more special.

This is one of those baptism gifts that will be kept for years on end because it is something that has a use in the baby’s life forever.

Personalized Baptism Baby Blanket

A great addition to any nursery, this baby blanket is made of 200 gsm (grams per square metre) fleece and has a wide satin border.

It is one of a kind gift with multiple options of personalization. This blanket can have one line or two line personalization with just the name of the child getting baptized or the name and date. It comes in blue and pink. Imprinted on the blanket are a cross, dove, Bible and the name of the child and date if desired.

Custom Catch is stationed out of Virginia and offers rapid customization service.

This blanket is large, measuring at 36″ x36″. It is ultra-soft and 100% safe for the baby. No dyes are used during the customization of the blanket.

If you are a grandparent or godparent looking for a gift to give your loved one for his/her baptism, this is could be the perfect gift. 

Blankets are always great baptism gifts. They bring comfort to the baby, and when you consider how many blankets parents go through, it seems as if they can never have enough.

Make your baptism gift blanket extra special by having it personalized. Get the baby’s name or initials embroidered (pink for girls, blue for boys), plus any other text and scripture, and add consider adding the date of the baptism.

This will be a gift families are guaranteed to treasure forever.

Conclusion: Best Baptism Gifts

There are many special days and occasions that deserve to be celebrated in our lives (birthdays, weddings, etc.). A special day deserves something special. What’s more special than baptizing a baby? Whether you are a grandparent, relative, friend, or parent, we hope you found a gift on this list that you love and will help make the baptism of the child memorable and personal for years to come. 

Best Baptism Gifts

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