13 Best Kids Activities That Use Music

Interested in the various kids activities that use music? You should be. Music is suitable for people of all ages, and music is especially young minds. Music is excellent for brain development, and it gives our brain a real workout. It can also reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain while improving sleep, mood, memory and mental alertness. 

Because music is so beneficial, many of us will want to incorporate it in as many of our daily activities as possible, and this includes games we play with our children. If you are looking for some kids activities that use music, here are some that are recommended:

  • I have participated in these activities with friends and family. 
  • These activities are fun and safe.
  • The fact that these games involve music provides additional mental stimulation.

Table of Contents

  1. Musical Chairs
  2. Limbo
  3. Water Balloon Hot Potato
  4. Musical Kiddie Pool 
  5. Sprinkler Freeze Game
  6. Water Xylophone
  7. Prop Passing Game
  8. Talent Show
  9. Musical Arts and Crafts
  10. Drum Circle
  11. Musical Hide and Seek
  12. Grass Blade Orchestra
  13. Karaoke

1.Musical Chairs

When thinking of musical games, musical chairs should be one of the first that spring to mind. 

To play the game, a group of children must walk in a circle around a group of chairs. There must be one less chair than the number of players. So, for instance, if the game is played with 11 players, there should be ten chairs.

Music is played while the children walk around the chairs. As soon as the music stops, children must rush to find a seat. The child who is unable to find a seat is eliminated from the game, and one chair is removed. 

This continues until only the winner is left standing.

2. Limbo

Limbo is a game that does not require music, but it is traditionally played with music. This is because the game is somewhat of a dance, and therefore, it requires the appropriate music. 

The music is usually Latin-inspired, but this is not a requirement.

The players must all shimmy under a bar that progressively gets lower. They must try to pass through without touching the bar. If they touch the bar, they are out of the game. 

The game is played until only the winner remains.

3. Water Balloon Hot Potato

If you are familiar with the game hot potato, it’s likely you already know where this is going.

Players pass a water balloon around while music plays. When the music stops the player with the balloon is out; that’s why it’s so important to pass it quickly!

Players may also be out if they pop the balloon. 

The player that does not get out wins the game. 

4. Musical Kiddie Pool

This game is quite educational for young children.

To play, just take some household items like pots and pans and a drumstick or similar object to use to bang on them. 

Have your child bang on the items when they are down on the ground. Then put them in a kiddie pool and have your child bang on them again. 

Discuss how and why the water changes the sounds. 

5. Sprinkler Freeze Game

A sprinkler is great to play with on a hot summer day. Make sprinkler play even more exciting by adding a musical element.

Simply play music as your kids go in and out of the water. When you turn the music off, everyone freezes. 

It is hopeful that no one gets stuck in the sprinkler when the music turns off. If they do, you can eliminate them from the game, but getting stuck in the sprinkler may be punishment enough! 

6. Water Xylophone

This DIY musical instrument will provide an education for your child in both music and science. 

To play, take five to ten glasses and fill them with various amounts of water. (To make the game more exciting, add different color food dyes to each glass). Then give your child a drumstick, xylophone stick or similar object and have them gently hit each glass.

Talk to them about why each glass makes a different noise.

As an added challenge, try to play songs on your water xylophone. 

7. Prop Passing Games

This prop passing game is a great way to learn about music.

The premise of the game is to pass an object back and forth while music plays keeping in time to the beat of the music. Any object will work, but shaker eggs are especially effective because you will really hear them keeping time. 

You can try to change the direction of the way you are passing the egg at regular intervals for an added challenge. 

8. Talent Show

A talent show is a great way to express talent and get musical. Not all acts have to be music related, but singing and dancing are both great ways to incorporate a musical element. 

9. Musical Arts and Crafts

Music and art have always gone hand in hand. This activity will provide artistic inspiration through music.

Just set out some materials your child likes to get artistic with. This can include paper, pens, paints, crayons, glitter, pipe cleaners, fabrics and more. 

Encourage your child to make something that reflects the lyrics of the song. This will encourage creativity, and you are sure to get a terrific piece of art out the deal. 

10. Drum Circle 

Drum circles are a great way to inspire musical collaboration. You don’t even have to know much about music to participate, and all are welcome. 

You don’t need an actual drum to participate in this sort of kiddie drum circle. Some pots and pans will do, or you can even encourage your child to make their own drum out of an oatmeal container or any other objects you have around the house. Then, have the kids beat away. 

If the children are having trouble coming up with their own original beats, you can always play some music for guidance. 

11. Musical Hide and Seek

This game is great for improving a child’s listening skills. 

The game requires one player to hide while holding a toy that plays music, like a toy keyboard or something like it. 

It is up to the other player, or players, to find the person that’s hiding by tracking down the source of the music. The hider does not have to play the music constantly but can do so in fits and starts to make things more challenging. 

Once the player is found, another player takes over, and it’s up to them to hide with the musical instrument. 

12. Grass Blade Orchestra

Did you know that a blade of grass can be a terrific musical instrument? Here’s how you can make it work for you. 

Find a long, wide blade of grass. Ideally, you want one that’s almost as long as the distance between your wrist and the top of your thumb. It should be as wide as possible.

Place the blade between your thumbs with your palms facing each other and your fingers straight. It really has to be wedged in there in order to vibrate and produce sound. 

Find the gap beneath the knuckles of our thumbs and put your lips on it. (Make sure it is clean first!) Blow gently but consistently until you hear a sound. You may need to vary the size of the opening between your thumbs until you are successful.

Teach your friends this neat trick so you can all play together in a glass blade orchestra. 

13. Karaoke

Karaoke is a fun way to get kids practicing singing on the beat, on key, and with the correct lyrics.

You can make your own game of Karaoke with family or friends acting as judges. Or you can visit this blog post for a list of other fun karaoke games for the home.

All you need to get started is a home karaoke machine.

These are just some ideas for musical activities for children. Which will you be doing to promote creativity in your child? 

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