The Best Nerf Guns In 2023

He ducks to dodge the rubber-tipped bullet flying from the far reaches of the basement. With a long leap over the carpet, he reaches the safety of the couch-cushion fortification—time to reload. There is a rustling from across the room. …

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The Best Home Karaoke Machines in 2023

Home Karaoke Machines

Quick Picks: Home Karaoke Machines All about Karaoke Machines What led to karaoke machines? Well, have you ever wondered what people did to be entertained and connected in ages past without computers, TVs, little league, even without books as household …

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The MCU Timeline (Updated 2023 Order to Watch)

MCU timeline

I know I post about outdoor stuff, not movies. But with the stay at home directions, I binge-watched the whole MCU series (all 23 films). I then made an article on how to watch them in the right order. Check it out.