The Best Yard Pong Sets (2023)

What are the best Yard Pong sets you can buy on Amazon? Read this guide from Daddy Lawn Games, the authority on yard games, to find out! We rank the top Yard Pong sets available.

Yard Pong, also known as giant, or big, or mega, or outdoor Beer Pong is a new yard game. Yard Pong is basically a supersized version of the original beer pong game played in college, except you don’t fill the cups with any beer. Rather, you just play yard beer pong for the sport. Nonetheless, you can drink casually on the side out of an actual normal-sized dixie cup or you can drink every time your opponent knocks over one the giant cups.

Yard Pong is a fun game. It is probably more fun than regular beer pong because each shot is more nuanced. You have to use muscle memory throw, not toss the ball in the cup. One other thing that is a little different in Yard Pong is that most people seem to get their first shot (or two or three) in the cup, so that adds nice pace to the game. The last cup is always the hardest, and it usually takes a while.

Outdoor beer pong

How To Play Yard Pong

Before you choose your Yard Pong set below, know the rules:

  • Set up 6 cups on one side in the shape of a pyramid. (3+2+1)
  • Set up the opposing pyramid about 12 feet away from the opponent
  • Each side gets one or two players. Player stands behind the last row of cups.
  • For teams of one player, the player gets two shots. For teams of two players, each player gets one shot.
  • The goal is to throw the ball in the cup. When a ball lands in the opponent’s cup, the cup is removed from play.  
  • Bouncing a ball off the ground into a cup makes the opponent remove two cups; however, players can block bounced shots (they cannot block regular shots).
  • If a player gets a ball in a cup, they get another shot; repeat this until they miss a shot.
    • Optional Rule: When a ball goes in a cup, the opponent must take a sip of beer.
  • When one team only has three cups left to shoot, it can ask for a “re-rack”, which is when the cups are put back into a pyramid of 3 cups.
  • After all of an opponent’s cups are removed, the opponent gets one last turn to try and knock down all the opponent’s cups, otherwise, the game is over.
    • Optional Rule: the Opponent has to chug the rest of their beer.

About Yard Pong Sets

There are two kinds of Yard Pong kits sold in-store or online: rubber cups or fold-up nylon cups. Both kinds of mega beer pong come with an inflatable ping pong ball about the same size as a vollyball (in fact you can just a volleyball or even a soccer ball).

My one issue is that for the nylon brands I tried, you have to buy two sets if you want two balls and six cups on each side, which is a must. Otherwise, if you just buy one beer pong set you only have three cups on each side, which isn’t true beer pong, and some people wouldn’t know to buy two sets.

Nonetheless, I personally prefer the nylon Yard Pong sets over the rubber ones because you cant stow them away neatly. It might be kind of annoying to have twelve giant dixie cups that look like red garbage cans on your lawn full time (unless of course, you are into that kind of thing). Rather, I prefer the nylon cups that you can fold away into a small bag and stow in the closest.

My Reviews of the Best Yard Pong

1. The Original Yard Pong: Wicked Big Sports Brand

Wicked Big Sports Supersized Beer Pong is the original Yard Pong brand. This is the most trusted, best-reviewed nylon Yard Pong set you can buy.

These are the biggest Yard Pong cups you can buy on Amazon.

The nylon cups fold down easily and can be stored neatly away. The cup materials are sturdy and don’t tear.

Wicked Big Sports Supersized Beer Pong comes with 3 cups and inflatable ball. There is an inflator for the ball included too.

The ball looks like a big pong ball, which is cool. However, the ball breaks easily. One bit from the dog and it’s over. Still, as I mentioned above you can use most any balls to replace it like a volleyball or a soccer ball. A basketball is not recommended because it bounces too high.

It is important to stress that you need to buy two sets Wicked Big Sports Supersized Beer Pong otherwise you wont be able to play a real game. This is because each set only comes with 6 cups and 1 ball. You need 12 cups to play a real game, and it is nice to have a second ball.

2. Best Plastic Set: Rally and Roar Brand

If you don’t want nylon Yard Pong cups, you can buy a plastic set. Why would you want plastic cups over nylon? Because they:

  • look more like Dixie cups;
  • are more durable; and are
  • smaller than Wicked Big nylon cups (which makes a different skill-set).

The best plastic Yard Pong set we tested was the Rally and Road Yard Pong cups.

Rally and Roar is a trusted and established player in the yard games space, so you can be sure their Yard Pong set is of good quality.

This Yard Pong set is smaller than the Wicked Sports brand, however. Therefore, this set isn’t exactly “giant” beer pong. These cups are only 9 inches tall whereas the Wicked Big cups are 24 inches tall. The ball is smaller too.

All the plastic Yard Pong sets are the same size. Unfortunately, there is no brand that makes plastic cups as big as Wicked Big Sports’ nylon cups.

Nevertheless, Rally and Roar Yard Pong is still good. These are high-quality cups for a low price. You get 12 cups and 2 balls in one set, which is twice as many Wicked Big Sports.

3. Best Hybrid Yard Pong Set: Versapong Beer Pong Table 

The Versapong Beer Pong Table isn’t “giant-sized”, but it does allow you to play “Yard Pong” without a long table getting in the way (it only takes up about 10% of the space of your average beer pong table). Easily customized and much smaller and lighter than a traditional table.

If your family and friends prefer regular beer pong over mega-sized Yard Pong, then this is great for the beach, the park or tailgating. This set is very portable – each table weighs only 7lbs. The cups sit at the official beer pong regulation height of 27.5 inches, and when placed 8ft apart, are at regulation length

The Versapong Beer Pong Table is a luxury item and neat novelty. It is made from premium grade material that holds up to outdoor use.

Each set contains 2 tri-pod stands, racked with cup holders; a carrying case and 2 outdoor pong balls.

In summary, we recommend you buy the Wicked Big Sports brand nylon cups (but make sure you buy 2 sets). It is the best. However, if you want something a little smaller or a little more durable, buy the Rally and Roar plastic set. Alternatively, if your group of friends/family would prefer traditional beer pong, and you want to play outside, consider the Versapong Beer Pong Table.

Otherwise, you can build your own Yard Pong by following the instructions in this video.

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