The Best Kubb Sets in 2023

With so many different options and unknown brands, we narrow down the best kubb sets so you don’t have to!

Kubb is a Sweedish lawn game, which is why some people call it Viking Chess. The object of the game is to knock down wooden blocks (kubbs), using wooden batons.

Many people have described Kubb as a mixture of bowling and bocce. If you like either game, you will love Kubb.

Kubb is a fantastic lawn game that you will want to play all summer. It is easy to learn and fun to play because it requires strategy and aim. There is actual skill involved in Kubb, unlike some other yard games that lack enough finesse and accuracy to keep everyone, including teenagers and adults entertained.

Kubb can be played with two players, but it is best for four or more players. We play our kubb games at backyard parties, bbqs, family reunions.

Kubb is easy and inexpensive to make homemade if you are half decent at woodworking. Alternatively, you can buy a kubb set on Amazon if you just want to jump right into the action.

In this article, I will review and recommend the top five best kubb sets you can purchase on Amazon.

Please note that most commercially available kubb sets are not “regulation size” – they are slightly smaller than the official USA Kubb tournament size (dimensions at bottom of article). For the casual player, all of the kubb sets below are sized perfectly fine.

Check out below after the reviews for the rules to kubb, although each set I recommend from Amazon does come with an instruction manual.

Our Picks: The Top Kubb Sets To Buy

Best kubb set Amazon

1. GetMovin’ Kubb Set

The best, premium kubb set on Amazon

The GetMovin’ Kubb Set is our top pick because of its high build quality.

Unlike some other kubb sets, the  GetMovin’ Kubb Set is crafted with hardwood – rubberwood to be precise. In addition, the materials are cut and machined extremely well.

In addition, the GetMovin’ Kubb Set comes with one of the highest quality tote bag. We noticed that it was very unlikely to rip or tear down the road.

We loved the army green color of the king kubb and canvas tote bag.

Unfortunately, the dimensions of the pieces in this set are slightly smaller than regulation size.

Also, the GetMovin’ Kubb Set separates itself from the pack because it includes a tape measure to help make your kubb field.

Lastly, the instructions that came along with the GetMovin’ Kubb Set were simple and easy to understand.

best viking chess set

2. Yard Games Kubb Set

Simple, good quality, inexpensive kubb set

Yard Games brand kubb set is well crafted and made from hardwood rubberwood. The cut quality is excellent for the price.

This set has no colors or graphics, but it is less expensive than all the others, so if you are willing to trade looks for price, this is your best bet.

The Yard Games’ kubb set comes with an easy to read instruction manual. Also included is a half-decent tote bag.

Unfortunately, the Yard Games’ kubb set is not regulation size. But, as I mentioned with the kubb sets for home use, the size is fine and slightly easier to use.


3. GoSports Kubb Set

The best regulation sized kubb set

GoSports is a big brand for yard games. Thier gear is good quality and priced well.

The GoSports kubb set comes in two sizes: backyard size and regulation size. This is one of the few kubb sets you can buy that comes in regulation size.

There are laser etched graphics on each kubb and the king, which is nice.

The pieces are sanded smooth to ensure a high-end finish with no sharp edges or splinters.

Like all the other sets I recommend, the GoSports kubb kit is made of hardwood for added durability.

The included tote bag is just OK quality.

My biggest issue with the GoSports kubb kit is that it does not include an instruction manual.

buy kubb online

4. ApudArmis Kubb Set

The best middle range kubb set

This is a nice looking kubb set, with a cool red hat on the king kubb piece.

The brand, ApudArmis is well known and makes various yard games, so the build quality and customer service is definitely premium.

The kubbs and King are made from hardwood rubberwood, although the weight and feel is not as good as the sets that cost more. One warning, the batons broke easy – they are likely made of pine not rubberwood.

This is a good middle-range set, ideal for beginners and younger teens or those on a budget but who don’t want the cheapest kind.

The tote bag is relatively good compared to the competition, coming in higher-end canvas and with multi colors (green and tan).

This set comes with instructions which we found a little more complicated than we would like.

premium kubb set

5. Rally and Roar Kubb Set

Nicest looking kubb set for more formal events

The Rally and Roar kubb set comes in two options: the more expensive version is made of hardwood rubberwood and the less expensive version is made of softwood pine.  Do not buy the cheaper pine version; it could break easily.

The cut quality is good but not the best.

The Rally and Roar kubb comes with a zippered tote bag, although is not high quality.

We loved the turquoise color of the kubbs, batons, and king. This was the only Kubb set we found that had color painted on every piece. Even the stakes have pretty colors on them.

We didn’t love that the The Rally and Roar kubb set failed to come with an instruction manual.

Like most other sets available for purchase, this set is slightly smaller than regulation size.

Essentially, there are better Kubb sets available, but this one is easily the nicest looking. The best reason to buy this kubb set is if you are having a formal party because this set, in particular, will add a touch of grace and charm with its pretty colors.

Kubb Rules

Object of the Game

Knock down the opposite team’s kubbs, and the king, in one turn.

Set up

  1. Set up the Kubb pitch using the 4 Corner Stakes. The standard size of a kubb pitch is 8m long x 5m wide, divided into two fields.
  2. Place five Kubbs evenly on each team’s baseline.
  3. Place the king in the middle of the pitch at the line dividing the teams fields.
kubb set up

How to play

  1. Each time throws one baton at the king (without knocking it down). The closest to the king goes first.
  2. Team A throws 2 batons at the opposite baseline kubbs, underhand, from their own baseline. The goal is to knock the opposing kubbs down.
  3. Team B throws all their toppled kubbs in Team A’s Field, aiming somewhere that is easier for them to throw batons at. The kubbs are placed upward in the area they landed.
  4. Team B throws four batons, aiming for the field kubbs first. To be clear, teams must knock down their field kubbs before they may knock down the baseline kubbs.
  5. If Team B failed to knock down any field kubbs, Team A gets to start from the line created by the closest remaining field kubb.
  6. Team A throws 6 batons, again, toppling B’s field kubbs before attacking baseline kubbs.
  7. Repeat step 6, throwing 6 batons until one team has knocked down all the opposite field kubbs and baseline kubbs in a single turn. At that point, that team gets to throw at the king from the baseline. If the king is knocked over, the team wins.

Kubb Regulation Size

When making your own kubb set or buying a kubb set in Amazon, keep in mind some sets come in different sizes, but there is only one regulation size according to the USA Kubb. For tournaments, these dimensions are proper:

Pitch: 5m wide x 8m long
One King: 8x8x25cm to 9x9x30cm
Ten kubbs: 7x7x15cm
Six batons: diameter 4.4cm, length 30cm
Four corner stakes and two mid-pitch stakes

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