A Cool List of FUN Geography Games for Kids!

Top Geography Games for the Whole Family Too

Do you have a group of kids on hand with little to do? Maybe you’re just looking for games that come with a bit of education included, adding to the value of game night. Whatever the case, geography games can be a great way to enjoy fun family time while ensuring everyone learns something along the way. 

Many of these games are fun for adults, as well, and can liven up game time after a dinner party, too. They range from easier games to more advanced options, so you can make your geography game night as challenging or chill as you like. Ready to increase your knowledge of the world and have some fun with friends and family? Take a look at these entertaining geography games and incorporate them into your next game night with family or friends!

1. Name the 50 States

This classic game is harder than you might think! For some reason, even the best geography fans always seem to forget at least one! This game’s popularity increased after it was famously played on an episode of Friends, and it’s an easy one to organize. All you need to do is hand out paper and pen to everyone, then ask them to write down all 50 states in the US. You can also have one person write down the list and have everyone play as a team. If you want to take things to the next level, see if anyone can name all the states in alphabetical order for a championship version of the game!

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2. State Capitals

Another riff on the Name the States game is to have a competition to see who can name the most state capitals. This one can be challenging because people often assume that the biggest city is also the capital of a state. You can have everyone write down their answers. Then, tally up the count for each person. The person with the most correct state capitals wins the prize!

3. World Flags

Got a color printer in your home? Another fun way to play and learn about geography is through the World Flags game. Print out several world flags in color. As you hold up each one for your players to see, they should shout out their guesses. The first one to guess correctly gets a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner! You can also play this one as a lightning round: Each player takes a turn, trying to get as many flags correct in a row as possible. They can pass and go to the next flag if they don’t have a guess. The person who gets the most flags correct in 15 seconds is the winner. 

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4. Geography Hangman 

One that the kids will really love is this variation on the classic game, Hangman. Geography Hangman is played just like classic Hangman, but you use only geography terms. Generate a list of words you can use. They can be terms for continents, bodies of water, cities, states, countries, and more. Start with one word. Have your players guess a letter; if that letter is not in your selected geography word, draw in a section of “Hangman”. The goal is for the players to guess the geography word correctly before all of Hangman is drawn. 

5. Guess the Country in 20 Questions

This one is for your advanced geography fans? To start the game, select a country, but don’t tell your players. They can start asking “yes” or “no” questions, such as “Is the country in Europe?” Once they figure out what region the country is in, they can start dialing in with more specific questions, such as “Is English spoken there?” and so on. The players have only 20 questions in which to guess which country you have chosen, so tell them to choose wisely!

6. How Many Countries Speak This?

Another fun option for advanced geography fans or adults is the “How Many Countries Speak This?” game. This game involves naming as many countries as possible that speak a certain language. The game host selects a commonly spoken language such as English, French, or Spanish, and then asks the players to list as many countries as they can where that language is spoken. For example, if the language were English, you could list the U.S., the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. The player who gets the most countries wins!

7. State a State

For this one, you’ll need a printer! Print out an outline map of each state. You don’t want any text on the map indicating what state it is. As the game host holds up each image, the players need to guess what the state is based solely on its shape. This one’s more difficult than you think. As usual, the player with the most correct answers at the end of the game is the winner. 

Playing games doesn’t have to be only about entertainment. Playing games related to topics such as geography gives you a way to keep you and yours entertained while learning something new and expanding your interests. Do you play geography games of your own at family nights or dinner parties? Chime in below in the comments and give us some tips on your own favorite geography games. 

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8. The World Game – Geography Card Game

Play a fun card game with your family to learn about flags, capitals, names of countries and facts about countries. The World Game is fun and challenging for older kids, teens and adults. The basic rules of the The World Game is to compete with facts between different countries with your cards (for example, a card with a bigger country by population size beats a card with a small country by population size).

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