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Hosting a bachelorette party for your bestie, but at a loss as to how you can keep the girls entertained throughout the night? We’ve put together some fun games that you can use at your next bachelorette party to help ensure that it’s a fun night for all. These options are all Rated G, but you have the option of upping the stakes if you like! Here are our favorites for your bride-to-be’s party night.

1. Smooch the Spouse

Pull out the lipstick and get all the girls ready to pucker up! For this fun bachelorette game, you’ll want to print out a large image of the spouse-to-be or a movie star that all the girls love. You will also need a scarf that you can use to blindfold each player. Just pin the image on a wall and have all the girls put on some bright red lipstick. As each guest has a go, blindfold her, give her a spin, then have her try to plant a kiss on the picture. Whichever guest gets the closest to giving the spouse a smooch on the mouth is the winner!

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2. The Newlywed Game

Remember The Newlywed Game from TV? This entertaining game show pitted bride against spouse-to-be, making them answer questions about one another. This show often created some pretty funny scenarios, thanks to its bawdy questions. You can make your version a bit more polite or get just as silly and rowdy as the original!

To play, you will need to contact your bride’s future spouse in advance of the party. Ask her spouse-to-be to answer several questions about the bride and their relationship. Some examples you can use include:

  • What’s her favorite color? 
  • Where’s her favorite spot to go on her day off?
  • Where were you guys when you realized you were in love?
  • Which movie star would she marry if she weren’t marrying you?

Make them fun and lighthearted. Once you have your answers in hand, you’ll ask your bride-to-be the same questions in your bachelorette party version of The Newlywed Game. If her answer matches the answer of her future spouse, she gets that one right and everyone else needs to take a sip of their cocktail. If she gets it wrong, she has to take a sip! This game is a great way to increase the laughter and fun at a bachelorette party. 

3. Smartphone Bingo

Make a list of items that someone might have on a smartphone: a photo of a loved one, a particular person’s number, or a certain special day marked in the calendar app. You can up the stakes with this one and ask for more risqué items, too, such as certain selfies or scandalous photos! If a guest has an item in their phone, they get a certain amount of points. You can decide how many points an item is worth based on how common or even risqué it is!

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4. Is the Bride Your Bestie?

This game is a variation on the Newlywed Game. In this one, each contestant vies to prove that they know the bride best and that she really is her bestie! Compile a list of questions about the bride, such as:

  • Where did she go to school?
  • What is her favorite pastime?
  • Where did she meet her spouse-to-be?
  • What size shoe does she wear?
  • What’s her middle name?

The winner is the guest who is able to get the most answers correct. 

5. Best Wishes

This sweet craft game will keep your guests busy and engaged, and it has the added bonus of providing the bride with some heartfelt mementoes from her special night out with the girls. Find some small gift boxes and cut up some small pieces of paper. Each guest should write her best wish for the bride and her upcoming nuptials. She can then place the wish inside the box, wrap it up, and decorate it. Give them all to the bride to open up on her special day. This one will make the bride feel extra special and increase the bond of friendship and goodwill at your event. 

6. Scavenger Party

If your bachelorette party involves you going out to a bar or series of settings, you might want to consider incorporating a scavenger party into the night. Give each guest a list of items they should try to find during your wanderings. Whoever ends up with the most items at the end of the night is the winner. Don’t be afraid to make them a little naughty! For example, one item might be getting someone’s number during one of your stops. You’ll be amazed at how much this game will get your guests engaged and enjoying their night out. 

A Bachelorette party is the ultimate opportunity for girl bonding and a great way to send off your favorite gal into the world of matrimony. With just a bit of planning and some of these fun tips, you can host a bachelorette party that everyone remembers for a long time to come. What are your favorite things to do or games to play at a bachelorette party? Let us know in the comments below and spread the joy!

Best Bachelorette party Games

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