Homemade Scorekeeper Ideas

Keeping score of outdoor games can prove challenging. Weather conditions, wind and dirt can make using a pen and paper impossible. This doesn’t mean you can’t add some competition to your outdoor games. There are several options to make long-lasting and temporary scorekeepers for your lawn and park games that will work for any skill level.

Scoreboard with clips (sandwich)

This is a simple scorekeeper that you can use and keep outside all summer long. All you need is a board, some outdoor paint, and a few clothespins or chip clips.

For example, this Etsy store is selling a Red White & Light Blue Scoreboard:

outdoor scoreboard

But you can make your own outdoor scoreboard using these instructions:

  • Get two boards (1 in x 6 in x 8 ft) of good quality wood (pine is OK but cedar is better).
  • Measure how long you want the sandwich boards (anything about 2-5 feet should be good), and then saw the boards.
  • Use a jigsaw to round out the edges at the top.
  • Sand the boards and then paint them (good quality outdoor paint) with fun colours (like the American flag colours or colours from your home sports team).
  • Use stencils to paint the numbers.
  • Buy a bracket from your hardware store to stand the legs up. While you are there, get some clothespins!

The basic scorekeeper has numbers running down the centre in whatever colour and style you like. Each player will get a clothespin, chip clip, or other similar clip that will fit around the board, that they can move up and down as they score more points in the game.


A pegboard is a good way of keeping score in outdoor games. This scorekeeper can be made using a plain board, drill, and outdoor paint.

Paint numbers on the board, running either vertically or horizontally depending on how you want your scorekeeper to look. On either side of each number, drill a hole deep enough to hold a peg. Pegs could be made from golf tees, pens, or another object that can be moved up and down the board as you play.

You can carve the numbers using a dremel tool and then paint them paint by hand using a small paintbrush and good outdoor paint for outside.

For example, this Etsy store is selling a outdoor pegboard scoreboard:

Each player or team will take one side of the board, and move their peg forward as they score more points in a game.

Flip cards

This smaller scorekeeper is light and portable, and great for bringing to a friend’s house or the beach. All you need is a printer or printer paper, some laminating paper or self-sealing pouches, a hole-puncher, some shower rings (4-8), and 2-4 equal cardboard rectangles.

Print out or write the numbers 0-9 four times. If possible use two different colours (two sets of digits 0-9 in each colour) so it will be easy to identify each side’s score. Set out each set of numbers in the same order, divided by colour. If you have two pieces of cardboard simply lay the numbers on top of them. If you have four pieces of cardboard, attach two of the cardboard rectangles along their long side, so that they are able to stand up, this will be the stand that supports the scorecards. Punch holes along the top of each set of numbers, and through the cardboard base. Using the shower rings, attach the numbers to the stands.

For example, pictured above, Amazon is selling this outdoor flip card set for outdoor games like cornhole etc..

Sidewalk chalk

Looking for a temporary scorekeeper that doesn’t require too much work? Try sidewalk chalk. Each player/team takes a different colour and records their score using numbers or tally marks on a wooden fence, patio stones, or the sidewalk depending on where you are playing. This is a quick and easy solution if you are looking for a fast scorekeeping system.


All these outdoor scorekeepers are easily customizable through staining the wood and incorporating different colours, or stands. If you are feeling handy, you can incorporate drink holders into these scorekeepers so you have a place to put your beverage while you play. Hopefully, this has given you some ideas of ways to craft your own scorekeepers for your outdoor competitions this summer.

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