5 Fun Baby Shower Games

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Are you hosting an upcoming baby shower? You may be racking your brain, trying to figure out the best ways to entertain your guests. A baby shower is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate mom and her new arrival, but you are also responsible for keeping a lot of guests happy! Luckily, there are a lot of fun games out there that you can use to keep your guests engaged and cheery. 

Scheduling Your Games

Baby showers are a time for socializing and catching up. They are also an opportunity to let mom-to-be shine and feel loved by her friends and family. Give your guests time to settle in as they arrive, greeting them with drinks and snacks. 

Keep in mind; you’ll want to give your guests time to settle in once they arrive, so don’t start your games right away! Leave at least a half-hour to 45 minutes for your guests to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and enjoy their food and drinks. You may also want to schedule time for gift opening, though some mothers may prefer to open things after the festivities are over. 

Once everyone has had some socializing time, you will want to have anywhere from 3 to 5 games ready to go. These are some fun options to consider that can keep your guests entertained and enjoying the spirit of this blessed event.

1. Guess that Baby

This one takes a bit of planning in advance. Alert your guests that they should bring a photo of themselves as a baby. As they arrive, collect their photos, then once everyone is settled, pin the photos to a board or tape them on a wall. Guests will then need to guess which baby is which guest. The one with the most correct answers gets a prize! No need to go overboard with prizes— something small like a bath bomb or a set of soaps will suffice. Your guests are there to celebrate the baby and will be happy with a small, sweet gesture. 

For an extra guessing game, try Guess that Baby’s Birth Date. Have your guests write down their guess for the exact day the baby will be born and put it into a jar. After the baby is born, the winner gets a gift!

2. Left/Right Prize Swap

This game takes a bit of creativity on your part! Write up a story about Mr. and Mrs. Wright heading to the hospital on delivery day. It might start off along the lines of something like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Wright were expecting a baby. There were only two days left until the due date, and both Mr. Wright and Mrs. Wright were excited. Boy, were they surprised though when baby arrived early. They left the house and got right in the car. At the first corner, Mr. Wright turned right when he should have turned left….

And so on. You get the idea. What you want to do is have your guests sit in a circle. You will need a small wrapped present, which you will give to one guest at the start of the game. Read the story you’ve written. Every time the words “left”, “right”, or a homophone of “right” (i.e. write, Wright, etc.) are read, the present should be passed in that direction. The guests will continue passing the present until the story is done. At the end of the story, the last person left holding the gift is the winner and gets to take home the prize. 

3. Blind Diaper Change

Changing a diaper takes practice! This baby shower game is a fun one for teams and gives everyone a little practice at this baby-raising challenge! Divide your party into teams of 3 or 4. Each team gets a baby doll wearing a diaper and a pile of fresh diapers. The first team member needs to be blindfolded. Start everyone off with a “Ready, Set, Go!” The first team member will need to change the baby’s diaper, then pass off the blindfold to the next teammate, who will then also change the baby. The first team to have all members change the baby, wins! Offer up a fun prize to the winning team to make it that much more fun and competitive!

4. Diaper Raffle

Holding a diaper raffle is a great way for the new parents to stock up on diapers and gives the guests a fun way to win a few prizes. In your invite, let everyone know that each box of diaper they bring entitles them to one raffle ticket. Collect the diapers and hand out the raffle tickets as guests arrive, then hold your raffle! Again, prizes don’t have to be impressive— just invest in a few small toiletries and wrap them decoratively. The joy is in the game, and in supplying your new mom with everything she needs for her upcoming journey!

Use colorful diapers like these for the diaper raffle

5. Design a Onesie

This is a good game to have as the last event of your shower. The nature of this one allows guests to come and go as they please and will allow guests to start taking their leave as your shower wraps up. This isn’t as much a group activity as it is a self-driven activity that guests can take part in as they please. 

Designing a Onesie is easy— set up a table with a pile of simple white onesies and non-toxic fabric paints. Your guests can decorate a onesie for the new baby in any way they please. These onesies will not only help the new parents but also serve as sweet mementoes of the shower for months to come. Provide your guests with stencils, if you like, giving them creative ways to decorate the garments. Stay away from any decoration that would be dangerous for the baby, including ribbons and sparkles. 

Hosting a baby shower can be a great gift to give to a close friend or family member. With these helpful game recommendations, you will be able to host a baby shower that’s a big hit with mom and guests alike. Have you planned your own baby shower for a friend, and do you have baby shower game ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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