Six Super FUN Backyard Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Marking a birthday is a major milestone for kids and, indeed, for people like us, their parents. Birthdays aren’t just like any other days. Our kids want to feel good about themselves, and yes, eat cake, and we as parents want to party with friends and family. That’s why, most times, hosting your kid’s birthday party using your own home and backyard is way better than renting up somewhere else. So, we came up the best backyard kids birthday party ideas.

With a quick trip to the mall (or a few clicks on Amazon), you can get all you need to throw that wonderful birthday bash for your kids and their invited friends and your friends and family.

Below are some birthday party ideas (in no particular order) that you can quickly organize for your kids.

1. Bubble Backyard Kids Birthday Party

Kids love bubbles: some. The mere sight of seeing a bubble dancing in the air gives them extreme joy. With buckets full of soap and water or a bubble mix, you can watch as the kids run excitedly around your yard.

You can implement the following bubbles games:

Popping bubbles. This is an interesting game the kids will love doing. You can have them sit around you and blow the bubbles and tell them to pop it before it touches the ground. You can make more fun by asking them to pop it by clapping.

Bubble chase. If you plan on utilizing your backyard, you should try this bubble game. Bubble chase is particularly different from Popping Bubble. For this game, blow bubbles and ask them to follow it around the yard till it pops by itself.

2. Freeze Dancing

Another wonderful party idea you should try out is freeze dancing. Kids love to dance, and this game will amp the fun for them. Gather them together and play some music. Inform them that when the music stops, they’ll have to freeze in their dance step till the music begins again.

You can play the music and stop it at will and watch them freeze (or try to). It’s also an opportunity to get your digital camera and take great shots of them dancing and freezing.

backyard birthday party ideas for kids
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3. The Drawing Challenge

Make your kid’s birthday more engaging, entertaining, and fun-filled by bringing classroom activity to the party. Give the kids crayons and cardboard papers and ask them to draw their favourite animal or pet.

This engaging game may last for several minutes and leave them exhausted. Just keep their treats at bay and reward all of them with prizes after they’re done.

4. Pool Party

This is the coolest kid birthday party idea, although you have to have a pool. If you do not have a pool, and you want one but can’t spend the funds on a big renovation like that for a new in-ground pool, you could buy an above-ground pool for pretty cheap. I was surprised to learn some good-sized, above-ground pools cost as little as $500.

Kids love playing with water. You can see them trying to leave the tap open and run their fingers right under. Why not amp their fun and throwing the kiddies version of a pool party for your kid and make it as memorable as possible?

Pool Party Idea 1: Cool Floats

To make the pool party even better, get some lovely floats. Over the years, there has been a massive improvement in how pool floats and tubes appear. You can now have cool tubes such as flamingos, ice cream cones, unicorns, and even watermelon slices sporting beautiful colours as they float around your swimming pool. Ensure you have a current headcount of the kids invited to the party, so no kid will be left out of the fun. As they float around in the pool, you can grab a polaroid like me and take great photos.

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Pool Party Idea 2: Marco Polo

This swimming game gets its name from the famed Venetian explorer who toured most parts of the world in the late 1200s and early 1300s. Legend has it that during one of his travels to China, India, and other parts of Asia, Marco got separated from his family. As his family searched for him by yelling ‘Marco!’, he’d respond by yelling ‘Polo!’ till he found them.

Simple Marco Polo Rules

It is a game that requires three or more players to make it fun and worthwhile.

The rules of Marco Polo are pretty easy to understand when you explain it to the kids. The aim of the game is not to get caught by Marco, the main player.

  1. One person will be chosen to be ‘It’ (or Marco). He or she will get to one end of the pool and close their eyes.
  2. He or she will count to 10, allowing the other players to position themselves at strategic spots on the pool.
  3. He or she will shout ‘Marco’ with their eyes closed, and the others will respond ‘Polo.’
  4. Marco has to catch any of the persons that yell Polo. He or she can yell Marco as much as possible, and the others must respond with Polo.
  5. Once Marco catches a Polo, the person becomes Marco.
  6. The other players can get out of the pool as long as they leave their legs inside. They must reply Polo if called out. If Marco senses that one of them is out, he or she can yell “Fish out of the water”, and that person becomes Marco.

5. Treasure Hunt

What’s a kid’s birthday party without treasure hunts? Kids love to explore, and treasure hunts will get all excited as they move around your porch or yard in search of ‘treasures’. Treasure hunts have long existed and evolved from pirates to archaeological research excursions to just this, families and friends solving fun riddles and puzzles to get rewards.

You don’t have to create riddles for the kids, though. All you have to is get plastic eggs, balls, or even gift items and hide them around the backyard. You can ask them to search after them. The kid with the most treasures gets a prize, plus he or she gets to select where to hide the items for the next round. Consider drawing a treasure map to make it even more engaging and ask that everyone dress up and pretend to be pirates for the kid’s birthday party.

Some of the best kids birthday party things to do

6.Bounce House

Have you seen how excited kids get when they enter bounce houses? Bounce houses are the highlights of any kid’s birthday party. You can have a bounce house installed in your yard, and watch the kids go. You can buy a small bounce house or you can rent a big bounce house. This is big commitment, but worth it for a special kids backyard birthday party.

With up-tempo kids’ music playing in the background, it will be fun to see your kids and their friends jump around and expend some energy.

Top backyard birthday party idea
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