8 Best Tennis Balls for Dogs 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Where would we be today without dogs? Probably at rock bottom because these four-legged creatures make the world a better place with their antics—no questions asked! But unlike some of the other animals that humans have domesticated, dogs demand prolonged care and companionship. Which—If you happen to be a veteran dog parent, much like myself—translates to frequent games of fetch and a wealth of fancy chew toys.

Notwithstanding how long you have owned your fur baby, no dog—pet or stray—can resist a tennis ball. Thus, if you want to pamper your furry bundles of joy for the holidays or their birthdays, let it be with brand new tennis balls. As far as the question of which tennis balls would be best for a dog, I will be giving you a detailed glance at some of the most incredible ones on the market. Let us get right into it!

Top Tennis Balls for Dogs

1. Hyper Pet Tennis Balls – Indestructible Dog Tennis Ball

Hyper Pet Tennis Balls


As the proud and loving owner of an Indian Spitz with near-perfect teeth, Hyper Pet is my go-to brand for tennis balls. The decompressed rubber make-up of this product ensures that my puppy’s teeth do not wear down if it chooses to chew on his ball. Moreover, the rubber build gives the balls a piquant buoyancy that greatly helped me lure my dog into learning how to swim.

The coaxing mentioned above was also a success because of the ball’s exquisite pink color. Such brightly colored balls are not only alluring for your pets but also a breeze to keep track of or find. Hence, your leisure time with your dog is not wasted in looking for the ball.

Another plus of this particular brand is the non-toxicity of their balls. Understandably a doting pet parent would not want their pet to be anywhere near something toxic; therefore, I gravitate towards this brand without having a crisis of conscience about my dog’s health. Additionally, the film around the ball makes it non-abrasive and highly safe as well.

Their fetching qualities aside, these balls are not suitable for bigger dogs. I have witnessed my friend’s Labradors eradicating them in a matter of a few minutes. Furthermore, they might not be bouncy enough for training your dog how to leap or fetch.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to grip
  • Fit in most ball launchers
  • Durable
  • Not suitable for bigger dogs
  • Shedding or fuzzing
  • Not bouncy enough


If your pet’s dental health—or health in general—is a primary concern of yours, then this is the ball for you. I recommend that you purchase this as soon as possible because it will leave both you and your pet thoroughly satisfied. The mesh bag that comes with the balls is also quite enticing.

2. Kong SqueakAir Tennis Balls – Soft Balls For Dogs

Kong SqueakAir Tennis Balls


If your dog is bored of workaday balls, I would like to interest you in the Kong SqueakAir Tennis Balls. As the name suggests, these balls are squeaky toys and tennis balls rolled into one. Therefore, it will stimulate your dog in more ways than one.

In particular, I recommend this tennis ball to dog owners who cannot attend to their dogs’ needs that frequently. The squeaker—which is safely housed inside the ball—will keep your furry friend occupied while you take a brief stroll by yourself around the park.

The downside to this product is its durability. Although it is made of non-abrasive felt, it cannot withstand constant chewing. My dog destroyed three of these balls faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Their flimsiness is, moreover, a huge bummer when you consider their price.

  • Non-abrasive
  • Stimulating
  • Available in various sizes
  • Bouncy
  • Overpriced
  • Delicate
  • Shedding or fuzzing


This ball would make an excellent toy for a clingy dog. Furthermore, its squeakiness might do wonders for a dog who needs continuous stimulation. To boot, if your little buddy is a little underwhelming and lazy, this ball will definitely make them a tad bit livelier.

3. Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Tennis Balls

Banfeng Giant 9.5" Tennis Balls


As absurd as this product seems, it was a huge hit with my dog and his canine clique. I loved it specifically for its size, which reduces the risk of choking to a great extent and makes for a hilarious dog video. It miraculously fatigued my—otherwise hyperactive—dog as well.

You can also use this ball to teach your dog how to swim because it floats perfectly. Its enticing color will, furthermore, make your dog jump for joy. Unfortunately, as for a game of fetch, it requires a lot of energy on the owners’ part. Nonetheless, my dog’s efforts to retrieve this behemoth were adorable and heartwarming.

Even though its size and color are remarkable, its make-up makes it a short-lived product. Moreover, since it’s an inflatable ball, a bigger dog might easily be able to poke a hole in it. I found the repeatedly inflating regimes quite annoying as well.

  • Buoyancy
  • Fetching color
  • Humongous
  • Promotes fitness
  • Portable
  • Deflates
  • Flimsy
  • Pricy


This ball is an excellent way to make your dog’s home videos enjoyable. I highly recommend this to pet parents turned content creators whose work heavily features their pets. If you fit the bill, then this ball awaits you!

4. Chuckit! Tennis Balls – Dog Safe Tennis Balls

Chuckit! Tennis Balls


Chuckit! tennis balls are all the rage today with cautious dog owners, and you can click here if you want to find a pet-friendly tennis ball for your pup. These brightly colored balls have been decorated as the safest tennis balls because of how gentle they tend to be. The said gentleness is a massive relief for pet parents like me, who are very particular about their dog’s dental health.

I am sold on this brand because of its bounciness as well. It’s an excellent aid in training one’s dog to jump. The brand, moreover, caters to dogs of all breeds and sizes with multiple ball sizes. Therefore dogs, big or small, can enjoy these without the fear of choking or injuries.

Nevertheless, Chuckit! being a well-known pet supplies brand does not mean these balls are beyond fault. One of the most off-putting things about these balls was the material they are made of. It is not exactly sterling. The horrible quality, on top of their exorbitant price, is highly off-putting.

  • Brightly colored
  • Easy to find
  • Bouncy
  • Soft and safe
  • Buoyant
  • Expensive
  • Fragile
  • Cheap material


If you are someone who moves with the times when it comes to dog toys, then this famous brand should be your brand of choice. Its blue and orange color will, furthermore, attract and occupy your dog’s attention in no time!

5. iFetch Mini Tennis Balls – Dog-Friendly Tennis Balls

iFetch Mini Tennis Balls


A globally recognized product, the iFetch mini tennis ball is excellent when it comes to quality. It can easily withstand dog slobber without giving way to discoloration and wear. In addition to that, its small size makes it easy to carry as well.

I want to emphasize its small size because I am a small dog owner, and this product is best suited to small dogs. I, moreover, deem it the perfect choice for puppies who are just learning to fetch and do not have ample energy.

Unfortunately, their size is also a stumbling block when it comes to ball launchers. That is to say, if you do not own an iFetch ball launcher, you will have to play fetch the classical way. Which, we can all agree, is quite tiring for several fur parents.

  • Buoyant
  • Compact
  • Colorful
  • Durable
  • No discoloration
  • Only fit the iFetch ball launcher
  • Expensive


This ball is a must-have if you own an iFetch launcher. Any little dog would be lucky to have the iFetch ball to go with its iFetch ball launcher. If you want to lavish some extra love on your dog this year, I suggest you get both of these products.

6. PIKASEN Rainbow Tennis Balls – Durable Tennis Balls For Dogs

PIKASEN Rainbow Tennis Balls


The PIKASEN Rainbow tennis balls are another favorite of mine because of their breathtaking colors and various sizes. My dog also loves fetching them because of their excellent elasticity. They are great for chewing because of their toxin-free rubber coating as well.

To boot, they are on the cheaper side and can easily be replaced if your dog destroys them. Nonetheless, they are not that flimsy. Ours lasted us about two weeks before my dog’s friends from the park decided to rip them to shreds. My small dog also somehow managed to poke a hole in one of these.

The biggest con of these balls is that not all of the sizes squeak. Hence, if your dog is a squeaky ball fan, it might not like the non-squeaky ones. Furthermore, the colors are kind of tacky and might not pique your dog’s interest as such.

  • Cheap
  • Long-lasting
  • Colorful
  • Multiple sizes
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-squeaky
  • Quite small


These balls will make a good purchase for any dog that likes a dash of color. Moreover, I find these balls to be an affordable godsend when money is tight, but I urgently need balls for my dog. If you share in my dilemmas, you should invest in these in an instant!

7. Gigwi Squeaky Tennis Balls

Gigwi Squeaky Tennis Balls



If you desire a ball that is a little closer to an original tennis ball, then the Gigwi balls are for you. These balls are made of original tennis ball felt yet are half the price of the real deals. Shocker? Well, you are in for another shock because they are also non-toxic unlike actual tennis balls.

I love them for their radical color combinations. As stated above, such colors make it easier for me and my dog to find these balls. As a result, we waste very little time looking for the balls and more time playing and enjoying ourselves.

Unfortunately, these balls are a no-go for heavy chewers. The manufacturers, and likewise I, advise against leaving your pet unsupervised with the ball. Remember: even the best quality ball is not indestructible. Therefore, think twice before leaving your dog to its own devices with a ball.

  • Similar to a real tennis ball
  • Cheap
  • Amazing color combinations
  • Attractive
  • Easy to locate
  • Not for heavy chewers
  • Shedding or fuzzing


These balls are for dogs that want nothing but the real deal. If an almost original tennis ball look and a small budget are your primary requirements, you should buy these balls in a heartbeat. You will not regret this purchase—scout’s honor!

8. Outward Hound Squeaker Tennis Balls

Outward Hound Squeaker Tennis Balls


Another squeaker variety that my dog cherishes is the Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz. This product is very squishy and easy to squeak for my considerably tiny dog. This squeakiness, combined with the ball’s quality and remarkably bouncy rubber, makes for an excellent birthday gift for a smaller dog.

The balls are, furthermore, available in a range of four colors. Hence, if your dog is tired of one color, you can always introduce a different colored one. What is more, is that this product sells at half the price of certain similar squeaker products. It is what I call a win-win situation for both the dog and its owner.

Sadly, this product’s fall from grace is its very squeaker. Since the squeaker happens to be outside the ball, it might present a choking hazard. Additionally, this ball was manufactured for dogs weighing under 25 pounds and is not inclusive of bigger breeds.

  • Cheap
  • Colorful
  • Quality Rubber
  • It fits most ball throwers
  • Best for smaller breeds
  • Exclusive of bigger breeds
  • Flimsy squeaker


This ball is a must-buy for people who want to save their money from going down the drain. These balls are dirt cheap for what they offer in terms of bounce ability and your dog’s pleasure. Thus, hop right on your computer and get them!

Things to Harbor in Mind Before Purchasing Tennis Balls for Your Dog

img source: bestlifeonline.com

Since your dog will be mightily close to its tennis ball, you need to consider the upcoming factors carefully before making your final decision. The wrong type of ball might adversely affect your dog’s wellbeing instead of bringing it joy; therefore, do not go over them hastily if you genuinely value your trusted companion. Mull over them!

What is in the Size?

It does not take brains to know that a big dog with a small ball is very likely to choke on it. Similarly, small dogs will not be effectively able to paw a ball that is ten times their size. Hence, always buy a tennis ball relative to your puppy’s build.

Sizes are imperative when it comes to your dog’s ball launcher as well. Always keep the ball launcher’s capacities in mind when selecting a tennis ball. These two toys might be pretty useless without each other, so I suggest you purchase a ball thrower as well.

Color Me Intrigued

The running gag about dogs being akin to human toddlers is not really a joke. Since much like toddlers, dogs are also quite enthusiastic about brightly colored objects. I would recommend a brightly colored ball if you are still in the arduous process of training your fur baby.

Regardless of training, no dog wants an everyday neon green ball. Colors, additionally, make the ball easier to find. Hence, saving you ample time when it comes to playing in the garden or in murky terrains. Killing two birds with one stone, is it not?

Quality Check

It is imperative that your purchase is non-toxic and not dyed using toxic or harsh chemicals. Even if you are not buying the ball as a chew toy, your dog will frequently be mouthing it during games of fetch. Moreover, the rubber must be of a gentle kind to prevent your dog’s teeth from wearing down or falling out.

Bounce and Beyond

What is a ball if it does not bounce? Well, in dog training terms, it is useless. Yes, bouncing is extremely important if you want to get your dog’s undivided attention while teaching it to fetch or leap. A static ball will only offer chewing value and is a bit of a waste of money!

Frantic Fuzzing

If a ball sheds uncontrollably, you should chuck it in the bin immediately. I recommend you go for the varieties that either shed less or are made of non-fuzz materials. It will eliminate the risk of a trip to the ER and make cleaning after your puppy a lot easier.


If you love taking your dogs on your beach and pool trips, then you should invest in a ball that floats. Such balls come in handy while teaching your dogs to swim and are also easy to retrieve at sites like pools and beaches. Buoyancy also ensures that your dogs do not endanger themselves by diving deep to locate the ball. All in all, it is a pretty important feature to be on the lookout for!

To Squeak or Not to Squeak?

If you are easily annoyed by loud and unnecessary noises, then try going for varieties that do not squeak. Trust me, your dog will make all hell break loose with a squeaky ball. Hence, be mindful of your own needs before pandering to your dog’s.

If you are still bent on purchasing a squeaky ball, remember to get one with a firmly coated squeaker. An exposed squeaker poses the threat of choking. Moreover, your dog might tear it off and take all the fun out of the ball for itself.

Price Tags

We all know that balls cannot overcome eventual rupture at the hand of our pets; therefore, it would be stupid to spend insane amounts of money on them. If your dog is a mighty chewer and destroys balls repeatedly, try investing in a cheaper variety of balls. Your bank account will thank you!


img source: snopes.com

Will tennis balls stop my dog from chewing on furniture?

Yes! They are a great way to distract your dog from gnawing on your furniture. Simply lure the dog away by using the ball. The ball’s color and elasticity is an essential factor when it comes to such distraction tactics. However, this will require some training and reinforcements.

Is tennis ball fuzz harmful to dogs?

Undoubtedly! If your dog consumes vast amounts of it, it might need surgery for clogged organs. Moreover, fuzz can cause a dog to choke and—god forbid—die. Therefore, training your dog not to eat it should be your top priority.

Do I need to keep an eye on my dog while he is playing with his tennis balls?

Yes! It is highly unsafe to leave a dog unattended with a tennis ball. Worst case scenario, he swallows the ball whole and dies. Regardless, chewing rubber for prolonged periods can adversely affect a dog’s dental health.

How can I stop a ball from fuzzing?

You should try shaving some of the fuzz off with a razor blade. However, this will generate problems concerning buoyancy and bouncing. If the fluff is a big pet peeve of yours, you should go for a ball that does not shed or is alternatively fuzz-free.

Are squeaker balls better than regular tennis balls?

That depends on your dog’s temperament. Furthermore, it depends on your temperament because if you are someone who detests noise, squeakers should be a big no. Dogs can cause a stir with these things, and that is very likely to disturb your peace. Choose wisely!

Final Verdict

As pet parents, we love showering our love on our pets in the form of gifts and treats. I hope my list of the best tennis balls for dogs helps you arrive at a sound decision concerning the choice that faces you; however, here are some of my favorites:

PIKASEN Rainbow Tennis Balls for their vibrant colors and longevity

Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Tennis Balls for their colossal size and overall safety

Outward Hound Squeaker Tennis Balls for their remarkable squishiness and excellent quality

Good luck on your next tennis ball purchase, and may your dog’s affections be constantly with you! If my panoptic list was any help, please, extend the same courtesy to my dog and me as well. Ciao!

Check out some other picks from Amazon also:

Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports - 12 Orange Tennis Balls for Dogs. Easy to Find! Includes Carrying Bag. Medium Size Balls Fits Standard Ball Launchers
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  • BRIGHT ORANGE - The bright, all-orange color that is much easier to locate in bushes and grass than the standard green tennis ball color.
  • CONTROLLED BOUNCE - Even with the increased thickness, these balls provide enough bounce to allow a dog to get under the ball for a mid-air catch but less bounce than a regular tennis ball which reduces the chances of balls bouncing down the street and out of sight.
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  • FETCHING & TRAINING - A dozen balls is perfect for fetching and training since lost balls, even all-orange balls, are inevitable!
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  • High visibility balls in bright colors so balls are easier to find when playing in the park and other green areas
  • Tested and certified to be non-toxic and safe to be carried in a dog’s mouth. Both the ball sphere and the glue are made of natural rubber; felt dyes and ink stamps are non-toxic
  • Non-abrasive felt won’t wear down your dog’s teeth and is easy to clean
  • A fun addition to your dog’s exercise plan with the added benefit of satisfying their prey drive in a healthy way
SCENEREAL Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dogs 12 Pcs Set - 2.5 inches High Elastic Colorful Pets Playing and Safe Non-Toxic Training Toys Playing Toy
  • One package includes 12 tennis balls, super value set! 2.5" in diameter perfect size for medium large dogs training and chasing, please note avoid something sharp when use and store .
  • Made of lighter rubber and covered in felt, durable, strong, non-toxic, long lasting and not harmful to your dog, keep your dog safe and happy everyday. Each ball has a powerful bounce and they are lightweight.
  • With 3 styles surface No-faded printings: blue&green, red&yellow, purple&rose, each style has 4 balls. Happy Birthday LOGO with bright colors help for finding the balls easily
  • Squeaky design but the squeaker is hidden, which makes these balls beautiful and interesting. Your dog would be attracted to these strange squeak and can play for a long time.
  • Enjoy interactive games with you dogs. Not only exercise your babies, but also the feelings between you get improved
Chew King Dog Fetch Balls for All Breed Sizes
  • The 2. 5" Balls fit in the "medium" Chew King ball launcher.
  • This is for an average pet chewer. Choose supreme for a heavy chewer.
  • Includes one mesh bag. Colors may vary
  • Durable, natural, no chemical smell rubber retains shape, bounces well, and stands up to tough chew
  • Safety air vent protects your pup, keeps happy tongues from getting stuck
Unique Dog Fetch Squeaker Balls Animal Prints 18 Pack
  • Durable and soft tennis balls in fun Assorted animal prints. They make a squeaking sound when squeezed or chewed
  • Non-toxic and Safe for your pets. Made with real tennis ball felt
  • 18 squeaker tennis balls in a re-closeable mesh bag
  • Never loses bounce
  • Fits most ball launchers

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