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Hello fellow lifestyle blog writers!

I started my blog with the intention of documenting all my adventures with my family.

I was inspired by many of the other lifestyle blogs I came across through the years.

I figured that it was worth a try to join the ranks of all the lifestyle bloggers I looked up to and enjoyed reading. I saw what my favourites were doing, and then I followed Reddit’s Just Start, Blogging and SEO subreddits for tips on getting started.

I have since consistently blogged every week for the last two years, gaining thousands of visitors a month (and growing).

My lifestyle blog started out narrowly (outdoor activities for families) but has since expanded to everything related to families. I learned that sometimes you don’t want too narrow of a niche, and it’s okay to pivot and grow.

Giving Back

I want to use this post to share with my readers all the lifestyle blogs I enjoyed reading that led me to where I am today.

Thus, in this post, I will link to some select lifestyle blogs I approve of and gained inspiration from.

Help for New Lifestyle Bloggers

I also want to give new bloggers an opportunity to help them spread their lifestyle blog to more viewers.

Therefore, if you are a new lifestyle blogger, send me an email at [email protected] and I will consider linking to you. All I hope for is a link in return on a similar post on your blog.


  • Must be a lifestyle blog (family, mommy, dad, travel, fashion, etc. blogs)
  • Must be family-friendly (no shady articles)
  • Must be in English
  • Must have at least ten posts and at least one post in the last month
  • A link in return is much appreciated

Hopefully, we can start a trend where all the new lifestyle bloggers help each other out by linking to each other. Who knows, in many years, maybe this post will become a fantastic lifestyle blog directory kind of like DMOZ once was?

It doesn’t hurt your SEO to link to so-called ‘competitors’; rather, it helps your authority because it shows search engines what neighbourhood you’re located in (source).

Happy blogging!

Quick Guide: How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

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